Lusaka x On The Road

It's fascinating how much visual (and sometimes emotional) mathematics you can play in a single street in Lusaka. Hope walks the same streets as hopelessness. The perceived hard workers live next to relaxed or perceived "Lazy" unemployed. The ones chained to the systemic oppression buy food, clothing, talk time from the apparently "lazy" entrepreneurs. School going children journey to classrooms while being bombarded by a myriad of possible futures, most of which don't add up to much. Begs the question? What does one have to subtract from self in order to win in the city of Lusaka, in the country called Zambia? May be some multiplication of the people needs to happen, maybe multiplication of access to resources, the essential element might be proper division of not just wealth, but positive imagery, love, quality education, quality entrepreneur-ism.  It all seems like complex algebraic equations, but maybe it's just really simple addition, subtraction and multiplication applied to the right thing, can equal to the beginning of great changes in the right direction. 

Words and Images by C.L

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