Katete on bicycles

Videos shot and edited by C.L for The African Gypsy/Afrogypsy Creatives.

If you missed these incredible videos shot on a special trip to Katete then you must subscribe to the YOUTUBE channel to make sure you stay updated with the beautiful and exciting future projects. These short clips are part of an extensive exploratory project that includes a zine which to be honest was a challenge to edit as Katete is filled to the brim with beautiful scenes and scenery.
Issue one of the Zine is out this month and will be a simple pdf download that you can have to keep on your phone or laptop forever. We know you will love and enjoy it as you navigate your world.
For now, feast your eyes on these beauties. #VisitZambia

One of our favourite things about the Katete is how easily it can be accessed via walking or via bicycle. We definitely recommend taking your bicycle with you when you travel, you'll blend right in. 
The market / town areas are in close proximity so you can buy some fruit or veg to take back for friends after you visit a local hair dresser or barber! 

Words by C.L
The African Gypsy


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