Documentary Short: Nsima Ya Ku Petauke

Filmed and Edited by C.L for The African Gypsy 

Nsima is the nsenga/chewa/ngoni name for one of the most widely eaten foods in Zambia. Made from Maize meal and eaten with different accompaniments such as different indigenous vegetables like Okra, Lumanda, Chibwabwa or meats and delicacies like fish, chicken and vinkubala(mopani worms). In urban settings most people simply buy their maize meal from a grocery shop and cook it on their stove, whereas in rural settings most people use firewood or a mbaula to cook their maize (usually grown by the family and ground in a local Chigayo).

This short film displays the level of love and care that goes into the preparation of the food in a semi-rural Zambian setting. Subscribe to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more videos coming soon.

Story by C.L
The African Gypsy